Quantum Breakthrough in Protecting Information

Data has always been protected by perimeter security; break the perimeter and data is at risk. By intertwining data with SertintyONETM's Unbreakable Exchange ProtocolTM, we're using the data's own dna to protect it.

Your data intertwined with SertintyONETM's engineered code provides uncompromising protection against all threats (foreign and domestic).

Method to the protocol

Traditional encryption technology uses a specific algorithm to mix up data in a way that makes it unusable to someone who doesn’t have the credentials to access it.


Imagine you have a cucumber, some tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, oil and vinegar. This is your data set. If you chop those ingredients up and toss them in a bowl, you may still tell what the ingredients are, but you can’t tell the order you chopped them nor the precise quantity of each ingredient. This is like traditional encryption. You know there’s data there, but it’s not really usable.


If you took those same ingredients and put them in a blender, you’d be left with a mixture (and with a little salt and pepper, a nice batch of gazpacho!), but there would be no way to tell what the ingredients are just by looking at it.

This is how your data appears after combining with the Unbreakable Exchange ProtocolTM: delicious,
but you can’t tell what’s in it and those ingredients are definitely not re-usable. The data is dumb.

The difference between a summer salad and gazpacho is that a crafty and persistent person could, in theory, separate the ingredients in the salad and come to a reasonable approximation of the original recipe. With the gazpacho, try as hard as you might, there is no way to reconstruct the original recipe. You need to get it from the recipe owner, and if the owner chooses to divulge the exact proportions and any secret ingredients you are lucky. If he doesn’t, you will never know...

Unbreakable Exchange ProtocolTM - "Method"

sounds like encryption,

but encryption is dumb...

this is SMART DATA

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