We make it easy to protect your data and
share your protected data.
No passwords. No encryption keys.
No compromise of your privacy.

SertintyONE provides a proprietary system that implements advanced authentication methodologies and the unbreakable exchange protocol for the purpose of protecting data; decoupled from the native OS, intelligence integrated into the data itself — SmartData by SertintyONE.

Protect stockholder value and drive new business with SmartData.


PERFORMANCE. What is "Performance?" Performance is the right person, having access to the right information, at the right time — first time, every time, all of the time.

Performance is defeating super-traitors in their efforts to steal our private and confidential information. Performance is making it look easy. Perhaps it should be called PROformance.

Performance is the SmartFramework by SertintyONE tool kit which enables you to build SmartData cloud applications, operating system and platform-agnostic applications, to deliver business processes not possible up till now.


We use the most advanced encryption available. Whether you are a consumer of the SmartFile Suite by SertintyONE or are a developer utilizing the SmartFramework by SertintyONE, you don't have to worry about passwords and encryption keys, or the vulnerabilities, overheads and costs of key management.

You won't feel, touch, taste or sweat the encryption. We make it easy to benefit from end-to-end encryption.


Did you know that industry gurus are actually on record saying that in order to have complete digital privacy you have to compromise protection, or if you want total protection you have to compromise privacy? Do they think we are idiots or something? Are you kidding me?

We have developed a Personal Digital Identity technology. We call it your SmartPDI. It is unique to you — it is one of a kind. Maybe, someday, it will replace Social Security numbers.

Your SmartPDI is SmartData, except in this case, the intelligence engine inside your SmartPDI is protecting and controlling your personally identifiable information. We make it easy for you to create your SmartPDI and it is this digital identity which is mixed into a document or file that might be for your eyes only. If your SmartPDI is the only SmartPDI in that SmartData file, you - and only you - can gain access to information in that file. If your SmartPDI is not in that file, if the owner of that data didn't mix your SmartPDI into that data-set, you will not be able to gain access to the data. Simple.

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